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Chanel is one of the classiest and the most sought after brand by women of all ages. Its clothes, bags, perfumes and accessories are all timeless and classy and make a woman feel and look beautiful. It has a magical effect on women transforming even the wildest and flashiest of girls into dignified and sophisticated ladies. Now this is something that not many brands can boast of. Chanel is famous for its understated and elegant look that makes a woman look beautiful. Its range of jewellery is designed to add a little touch of glamour to jazz up the outfit so that it doesn’t look too drab or boring. The jewelry is not too flashy but rather delicate so as to not draw too much attention to it and take the attention away from the beautiful dress that you wear.

Chanel jewellery is beautifully designed and looks delicate and exquisite. Chanel earrings are especially are much in demand. Earrings are one accessory that  add a lot to the outfit. Earrings go with all kinds of clothes and are very versatile. They can be worn with jeans, summer dresses, cocktail dresses and even office formals. That can’t be said for necklaces. They are comparatively cheap when compared to other jewellery available and can be afforded by a significant number of women if not too many. Earlier Chanel had its trademark pair of earrings, bearing its logo, the interlocked C as its most popular accessory. However over the years they started coming up with newer and better designs and collections. Hence they stopped producing these earrings. These earrings were made up of diamonds and rhinestones or stainless steel.

Nowadays Chanel has started coming up different collections for different seasons. They still use stones but they are set in gold or silver. Most of the Chanel’s stud earrings are made of gold. Then a colour is added to complete its look. Otherwise inlays crystal, semi precious or precious stones like sapphire, ruby, emeralds and even diamonds are used to create these beautiful gold Chanel earrings.

Yellow which is of course the color of gold is interpreted by designers as warmth. And warmth can be best depicted by summer  and spring season. Hence gold Chanel earrings are prominently features in their summer collections and also spring collections. The designs have a lot to do with nature with flowers and leaves being used quite liberally. The earrings are vibrant with colors like red, ink, hot pink, green, orange, deep purple etc. and more new themes are explored.

These new collections that Chanel is coming out with is still in its nascent stages and do not have much popularity. But it is believed that the trend will catch on. Chanel plans to continue with its trend of introducing a new accessories collection for each season and also keep a forecast of new trends and styles on their official website. So gold Chanel earrings are the future of fashion so why not buy a pair and be a step ahead.

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