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“Fashion passes, style remains” a very true statement made by the world’s leading fashion designer herself, Coco Chanel. It is said that everything she touched be it clothing perfumes and accessories turned to a golden and profitable venture. Her designs are a rage all over the world particularly one special accessory that can accentuate any woman’s style: a pair of interlocking double C genuine Chanel Earrings. You can buy tiny studs in rhinestone, crystals or diamonds or a dangly pair. You can buy a pair in hot pink, red or black. But whichever pair you end up owning, one thing is for sure that these genuine Chanel earrings can make a simple dress look dressy and make you look glamorous.

The double C obviously symbolizes the iconic designer’s name Coco Chanel, who epitomizes understated style. The double C design lives up to the name of Chanel. It is simple and sophisticated and looks beautiful when paired with any type of women’s clothing. The designer also has introduced a new range of earrings which do not have these double C earrings but they are tasteful nonetheless.

Genuine Chanel earrings are definitely a dream of every woman and girl but with Chanel being a high end brand, they are very expensive and unaffordable for many women who wish to possess them. This is why fake copies of Chanel earrings are created, sold and brought by women all over the world.

Most of these fake earrings are mass produced in countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangkok etc. The sellers often pass off these earrings as genuine Chanel earrings very successfully. The design and colour are quite the same, but the quality of these copies cannot be compared to that of genuine Chanel earrings.

It’s true that that fake copies are available nearly everywhere but they don’t have the same sparkle, the same finish and the same quality as the genuine pair of Chanel Earrings and  it can be easily detected if you are wearing a fake earring or a genuine one. Many a times what happens that you would be out to buy a pair of genuine Chanel Earrings online, but you would be fooled by the striking similarity between the fake and the genuine pair of earrings.

One simple test is to see where the earring originates from. If it is from China, Vietnam etc. then your earrings are definitely fake. Next check the price of these earrings. If the earrings cost a fraction of the price quoted on the official website, then definitely the earrings are fake. No one in their right mind can offer you a $200 worth earrings for $30 to $50 and suffer a loss. Always check whether the seller is willing to offer you authentication certificate and a guarantee. This is where even the cleverest of fake earring sellers err.

So whatever you do, always buy a genuine pair of Chanel earrings. The designer must have worked hard and built a marvelous collection and he deserves each and every cent for his effort to make a woman look and feel like a queen.

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