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Every woman in this world knows about Chanel and its world famous designer Coco Chanel, who was famous for her haute couture. She was a success in everything she dabbed into be it dresses, suits, handbags, accessories etc. the brand is synonymous with elegance and delicate, sophisticated style. Chanel creations come across as fashionable and at the same time not too loud or over the top. Chanel jewellery is especially famous for being beautifully designed and made of the best quality materials and the fines craftsmanship. And the one thing that has been the object of desire of many women all across the globe is Chanel earrings.

These first pair that was introduced was the legendary logo: interlocked double C earrings with both the C’s facing opposite sides. These earrings are still a rage and are the object of every woman’s desire. However Chanel has been reinventing itself and has recently come up with new collections which do not feature this iconic pair of Chanel earrings. Chanel earrings now come in different designs and include different kinds of precious stones, pearls, diamonds, rhinestone etc.

Pearls are lustrous and beautiful and hold their own place in jewellery making. Pearls are considered to be classy and timeless and less ostentatious than diamonds. They can be worn at formal parties, weddings and even at workplaces without you coming across as a person who likes to flaunt a lot. It gives you an understated yet chic look. Pearls are an elegant woman’s best friends as they are not at all flashy. And the best part about the Chanel pearl earrings is that you can be assured that they are made of the best quality pearls.

It is because of all these reasons that Chanel has included several pairs of earrings that have been created using pearls. These pearls are of the best quality and are genuine. The highest quality pearls are those which are naturally spherical and haven’t been cultured. Chanel earrings are made using such high quality pearls.

One of the major reasons why women who wish to own a pair of Chanel earrings cannot do so is because they are very expensive. This is because earlier many Chanel earrings were made using precious gems and diamonds. This would significantly increase their cost as the diamonds had to be set by skilled craftsmen so that the pieces would look beautiful and elegant and not shoddy. However in the recent years, with the recession going on, their sale reduced. So Chanel came out with fabulous Chanel earrings made of pearl.

These earrings still make you and your stand out in a crowd, it still looks elegant and sophisticated but it costs significantly less and is not very expensive. Chanel earrings in pearl will definitely fulfill the dreams of millions of women who wish to own a pair of Chanel earrings but could until now because of their high cost. So what are you women waiting for? This is your opportunity to get your hands on the coveted pair of Chanel earrings.

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