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Chanel is a high end luxury brand well known for its elegance and beauty. It is a very popular brand name that women swear by. Their jewelry and accessories, handbags, perfumes and of course clothes are immensely popular. In case of jewelry, Chanel earrings are especially one of the most sought after items by women. Even though their prices are on the higher side, their range starting from $100 excluding taxes. Despite their earrings been so expensive, they are very much in demand. Hence to cater to global buyers, Chanel earrings are available online.

There are many things that you must keep in mind before taking the plunge and buying yourself a pair of Chanel earrings online. The first thing you must know is that since Chanel earrings are immensely popular, a lot of replicas are available online. The easiest way to detect a replica is the pricing. If it is an earring that features in their latest collection, and is available at dirt cheap prices, then obviously it is a fake.

But many a times in order to fool a buyer, some sellers of fake Chanel earrings would simply price them a little higher. Say for instance an earring that was priced for $100 is available online for $70; you might assume that since the price is high then it should be a genuine Chanel earring. But that isn’t the case. The seller is simply clever.  Also many a times the online sellers possess boxes, bills and show it as a proof of their purchase. But if a person can create replica earrings, he can also create replica boxes and bills. It is very easy to create forgeries or many a times they simply collect the boxes that are rejected if there is some problem in it.

However there are some people who genuinely own Chanel earrings and are offering them for sale online. So try and look for people who give you 30 day money back guarantee. You should also look at their sale history. If they have satisfied customers then the earrings must be genuine Chanel earrings.

When you have bought the Chanel earrings online, always check it s weight. Chanel earrings are heavy than your normal ones. Getting it checked by your jeweler is also a very good idea. You also check the finishing and the overall quality. You should also check if the stones are coming off or if the earring is damaged in any way.

Another feature of a fake Chanel earring is that the area behind the earring does not have a smooth finish. Genuine Chanel earrings will always have a smooth finish and would be crafted beautifully and without any major or minor flaws. So always make a smart purchase while buying Chanel earrings online. Make use of only trusted and reputed websites so that if there are any problems in the future they will help you out to locate the seller. And enjoy your pair of earrings when you finally get your hands on them.

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