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Chanel jewellery especially Chanel earrings are the most sought after and the prized possessions of women. They are timeless and elegant pieces that never go out of style. The interlocked double C earrings were created a long time back but have still survived and are considered to be one of the most fashionable accessories of all times. They can be worn with all sorts of clothes and can make any outfit look fabulous and gorgeous.

These earrings are made of diamonds and are very expensive. Other cheaper pairs are made of rhinestone or stainless steel and are made available in various colors like red, black etc. These can make a woman look glamorous, elegant and sophisticated.

The cost of Chanel earrings is extremely high, with prices starting from $100 excluding taxes.  This is why it is unaffordable for many women. The Chanel earrings command such a high price and cost because of their limited numbers and high quality. The diamonds for the earrings are carefully handpicked and then made into earrings by the finest craftsmen often taking more than a month to finish off a piece. The stainless steel pair of Chanel earrings are made off the best quality base metals so that they never tarnish and gleam and shine forever.

But at the end of the day the Chanel earrings cost too much. This is the reason why many replicas are made available in shops and also online. These earrings are copies of the original designs but they simply do not possess the same quality. What the manufacturers do is they take the designs from the official catalogues available online and then mass produce them in countries like China, Thailand etc. These copies cost a fraction of the cost of the genuine Chanel earrings. They cost anything between $30 to $ 60. Since they are cheap, they can be afforded by one and all.

The replicas of Chanel earrings cost less hence one can afford to buy any number of earrings with different designs. When they tarnish or the stones come off they can be thrown away since their cost is less when compared to authentic Chanel earrings and you can immediately buy a new pair without feeling guilty.

Pair of Chanel earrings whether genuine or fake make you look beautiful. The designs are elegant and classy and make you stand out of the crowd. It is always better to buy real Chanel earrings even if the cost is high. You can save money for a say one pair each year and slowly build up your collection. The replicas though are decent copies do not have the charm and beauty that a genuine pair of Chanel earrings has. So go for them.

Another good option is to buy them second hand. This means that their cost would be less and you can easily afford them. Remember Chanel earrings cost so much simply because of their quality. So go for them and feel and look beautiful always.

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