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Accessories are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. You may be wearing a beautiful dress but with the wrong set of jewellery you could end up looking shabby. Earrings are one such type of jewellery which could make you look like a stunning fashion diva or just plain shabby. So when you are spending a lot in a dress invest some money on quality accessories too.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”, these words are said by the iconic fashion designer, Coco Chanel herself. She is one of the most popular designers of this century with her creations be it dresses or accessories loved and appreciated by one and all.  One of the most iconic and beautiful pieces of jewellery she has created is the elegant interlocked double C authentic Chanel earrings.

These earrings are available in various shapes and sizes be it studs or the long dangly pair, in rhinestones, diamonds, in blood red colour or dark black. However they are designed, they are just gorgeous and stunning.. You can make these authentic Chanel earrings look dressy by wearing no other jewellery and making them a focal point of your outfit. Or if you are going to an informal do but still want to flaunt these attractive pair of earrings, simply pair them with a blouse and jeans and you are ready to go.

Authentic Chanel earrings can be easily distinguished from the fake pairs. The fake pairs obviously have fake diamonds or rhinestones that look lackluster and are of poor quality. They simply don’t stand a chance against the authentic Chanel earrings. True they are on the expensive side but you can definitely save for a pair, because they will last for a lifetime and give you many opportunities to team them up with different clothes from your wardrobe and make you feel and look gorgeous.

Fake Chanel earrings can be found anywhere and everywhere. They are basically mass produced in countries like China, Thailand or Vietnam and are shipped to different parts of the world. What do they manufacturers do is simply get the designs of these earrings from catalogues available online and make copies of them. Then the copies of their boxes are also made and then shipped along with the earrings to give them a genuine look. Then these are made available for sale online. Some of the sites tell you that they are selling copies and not the genuine pieces. While some try to pass them off as authentic pairs of Chanel earrings. So if you are looking for pair of Chanel earrings, always buy them from Chanel stores or from boutiques that keep their collection. Avoid buying these earrings online, because you might end up paying a lot for a fake pair.

Walk into a store, enjoy the ambience of a high end store, the service offered and then browse through the collection and select the pair you like best. After all you have saved for them so you deserve to get the best and most important authentic Chanel earrings.

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